What makes Pefferlaw Creek Farms Maple Syrup special? Read on to find out …

How We Make It


Sustainably tapping Sugar and Red Maple trees throughout our sugar bush, maple sap is collected in a network of food grade pipelines. All of the sap is transferred into a large storage tank where it waits for a short period of time before being boiled the old fashioned way over a wood fired evaporator in our sugar shack. Pefferlaw Creek Farms also uses state of the art reverse osmosis equipment to increase the efficiency of our maple farm and improve final product quality. After hours of boiling, the delicious golden brown finished syrup is taken off our evaporator piping hot and carefully filtered before bottling or storing in large barrels for later use. With a strong commitment to final product quality, we take careful steps throughout the whole process to make sure the tastiest and highest quality product gets to your pancakes!

Organic Pre-Certified

Pefferlaw Creek Farms is proud to say that our maple farm and syrup are currently undergoing the certification process for the production of Organic maple syrup. The product from the 2016 crop along with all of the equipment and techniques used to make it were carefully reviewed during the season and it is now just a matter of us waiting for the pre-certification period to end before we can officially call our 2017 crop Certified Organic.

Wedding or Party Favours, Corporate Gifts

We can work with you to find the perfect bottle for your special occasion. Be it a little piece of sweet, sweet Canadiana for your wedding invitees, a special treat for your international customers or clients, or a very thoughtful gift for your guests, check out our store or contact us directly.