100% Pure Ontario Maple Syrup


Pefferlaw Creek Farms Maple Syrup is unlike any syrup you've tasted before. Why? 2 Simple Reasons:

1. Pefferlaw Creek Farms’ Unique Forests
The Forests tapped by Pefferlaw Creek Farms are abundant with Maple trees that are in excess of 100 years old, as a result, these tree are in very good health and are vigorous producers of sweet Maple sap. The land along the Pefferlaw Creek valley is packed with rich, high quality soil and the active agricultural community in the area reflects this. The trees in our forests thrive off these soils, producing syrup that we believe to be very unique and distinct from other syrups out there. Red Maples are also tapped in our forest, contributing to the delightful flavour profile of our products

2. Commitment to Quality Every Step of the Way
At Pefferlaw Creek Farms, we only use our own Sap in making syrup. We are closely involved with the entire process of installation and processing ensuring that our expectations for quality are met every step of the way; setting up the forests, laying down lines, tapping the trees, boiling the sap over a wood fire, packaging the Syrup, and developing the relationships with each of our customers. We control the quality at every step, and the results are brilliant.

If ordering 12 or more bottles, please contact us for quantity discounts.

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Weight 189 g